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ABP, creator of a sustainable universe

ABP’s approaches are part of a process of continuous improvement and innovation, and have been since the company was founded. Great big scientific words to say that we do not stop the progress! We are therefore very proud to announce that we are taking an ecoresponsible turn. We wish to involve all the members of the event community, but also all of our “gang”! Because you see… It’s everyone’s business!

We will soon have completed the first step in the ECORESPONSIBLE certification process, the COMMITMENT. So far, this work has allowed us to establish guidelines within the company and to carry out a collective work of reflection which solidifies our bases and prepares us for the subsequent stages in terms of ecoresponsibility. In short, that we all row in the same direction according to our raison d’être, A CREATOR OF SUSTAINABLE GREEN! As part of this reflection, we have identified ways to improve ourselves and establish strategic orientations that will allow us to adapt our ways of doing things.

We honestly believe that we can play an important role in a greener and more sustainable future. We also know that this major challenge will not be possible without our “gang”: customers, collaborators, partners and friends. By joining our efforts, we could design products that respect the limits of our planet, that is to say, meet our current needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

To this end, we are committed to implementing initiatives to: 

  • To improve and measure our environmental footprint throughout the life cycle of our products; to continue to give multiple lives to our products, to evolve more on the side of the sharing economy and to be the pioneer of revalorized items on the market;
  • To improve the social and environmental benefits of our activities; to give to the next one our outputs which for them are treasures;
  • Encourage the participation of all our collaborators; the famous “gang” that we have been talking about for a while.

Our strategic orientations:

Our actions will be inspired by the following strategic directions that will guide us towards the implementation of our Sustainable Vision.

STRATEGIC DIRECTION 1 : Strengthen the positive impact on our community

STRATEGIC DIRECTION 2 : Commit to a strategy of circularity for our products

STRATEGIC DIRECTION 3 : Strengthen a HUMAN-centered organizational culture

We wish to adopt an eco-responsible management framework, tools and ways of doing things in a perspective of collective improvement in the quality of life and preservation of the environment. Basically, we want to do everything possible to be better with ecoresponsibility.

Looking forward to sharing with you in this great discussion of ecoresponsibility!

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