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ABP Logistics

A large clean-up allowed us to discover that we had everything in hand to offer quality logistic services to Quebec companies.

Faced with the COVID-19 crisis like all other companies in the world, we said to ourselves that there was no better time to analyze the services that we offer, our products and refresh our inventory. In short, do a big spring cleaning! After long hours of hard work sorting, repairing, retrieving and putting away, we found that we had several square feet of unused space in our warehouses. Our sense of creativity therefore prompted us to look for ideas on how to occupy all this extra space. Why not assist companies that have warehousing needs due to the growth of their activities?

To this day, Familiprix, Tim Hortons and Boiseries Raymond are among those customers for whom we’ve been able to assist with their storage needs. Working together with them, we have refined our pursuit to provide an even more thorough service.

Our employees already excel in the preparation of orders, warehouse management and the transport of goods in urban areas. There was only one step missing, Logistics! ABP Logistics is now supporting the CISSS de Lanaudière in the deployment of its mobile vaccination clinics. Here are the main steps of the project:

  • Planning the installation, the dismantling and the transport of the materials;
  • Loading the trucks with the equipment from vaccination clinics;
  • Install and dismantle all of the clinic’s material and equipment;
  • Ensure the quality of the installations, according to CISSS standards;
  • Manage the storage of the materials in our warehouses between the installations;
  • Set up several mobile vaccination clinics simultaneously.


The logistic services that are offered are not completely new to ABP. In fact, we have been working in the event logistics field for over 30 years. Planning, preparation of multiple orders, delivery of merchandise to various rooms and sites, installation and dismantling, and transportation of our items between our branches are all part of a typical day for us. It’s now a question of putting our expertise and knowledge to work for clients operating in sectors other than events.


By combining transportation services with warehousing services, our logistics division enables our customers to reconcile their needs by reducing their supply chain. Thanks to our network of heated warehouses, we have the space and the manpower to store all kinds of goods for the short, medium and long term. Our location near the major arteries of Montreal and Quebec City aid with easy access to our facilities. In our first phase, we have nearly 30,000 square feet of storage space.


ABP offers the complete service of order preparation:

  • Handling;
  • Packaging;
  • Labeling;
  • Palletizing;
  • Inspection and quality control;
  • Handling of shipping and delivery.


We have two main terminals in the Montreal and Quebec City areas which allow us to offer flexible solutions to meet the specific transportation needs of our customers. We’re accustomed to the context of events and we can carry out “tailor-made” deliveries with ease, whether it’s at home or to places that are difficult to access with trucks.

Based on our past experience, we understand the importance of delivering and unloading the material entrusted to us on time, with all the necessary precautions!

We are very grateful to our partners such as Familiprix, Tim Hortons, CISSS de Lanaudière and Boiseries Raymond. It is thanks to their trust in us that we can reinvent ourselves and surpass ourselves. The collaboration between businesses in our province is what keeps us going!

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