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Fun, stressful and versatile, the role of an event supplier in 3 steps.

‘”Don’t Stress, Do your Best, Forget the Rest”

The reality of the event is very unique to itself. It can be “SUPER-DUPER” or completely become the end of the world! Have you ever been at a point where no matter what happened you were the hero of the story? No matter if the room wasn’t ready, or the items weren’t right or the staff was late, you knew you were going to find a solution and make the best of the situation and come out of it like a “ROCK STAR”? Yes, yes, we have been in trouble before… and every time we tried to do our best, never give up and learn to improve.

So now that the intro is over, “IT’S SHOWTIME”. Here’s how an event supplier is defined:

Numero UNO: Inspire

The main role of a supplier is to inspire you, collaborate with you to create your vision and bring to life the “VIBE” you want each guest to experience. The goal is to know our inventory to create a WOW effect! Your unique sense of design is what “drives” our desire to embark on your project. To recap, our first role is to bombard you with options, colors, textures and choices so that you feel like you’ve been around Ikea 4 times, without the headache that comes with the maze ordeal…

Numero DOS: Options

Having a vision is important and wanting with all your heart a particular item to create the dream atmosphere is great, but you have to know that reality unfortunately does not always give you exactly what you had in mind. That’s why the word OPTION is our best friend. Our second role is to stay with you from start to finish to offer you all the options. This role will be defined as much by the items as by the logistics. You know, those famous places with no drop-offs, staircases worthy of a Walt Disney castle and hours that are shorter than an alley in the Plateau Mont-Royal? Well, it’s also our role to work hand in hand with you to make sure everything runs smoothly. 

Numero TRES: Got your back

This one is a little less “Olé Olé”, but the reality is that a supplier’s role is to listen and be clear. Over the years we have realized that in the event business, one quality that makes us all want to work together is that we are always there for that “backer”. You have to know that plan A is rarely the one that “GOES”. You have to be a real ninja of plans A B C ………X Y Z, you have to have fire in your eyes and the knife between your teeth to face any eventuality. It is this flexibility and adaptability that creates bonds and connections. We are a challenging and stressful environment in which to create allies to get through this “WARZONE” in one piece.

Here are the 3 key words to keep in mind when talking about “event suppliers”: OPTIONS, FLEXIBILITY AND FRIENDSHIP. All this to be ready to “rock the house”!

Signed ABP – Agile, Benevolent, Polyvalent !

*Closing of the curtains, applause, etc.

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