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A boring place is a no go place.

We all have in mind the questionable couch, 3-4 plastic chairs not too ”safe”, a kind of coffee machine (with dirty cups next to it) and ESPECIALLY someone who will tell you about the weather. Realizing how ugly these spaces are (yes, yes: ugly), we decided to share with you some tips to make them more than pleasant! Either for sale or for rent, ABP will have everything you need to deal with this drama…

Tip !

The more we think about it, the more we need to tell you: don’t make your space in the kitchen/cafeteria. We’ll be honest: there are always old dishes, it smells like other people’s lunches, there’s a lot of coming and going and THE BEEP-BEEP OF THE MICRO-ONDE IS REALLY ANNOYING. In short, it’s 0 relaxing and nobody wants to stay there. The goal is to have a space where the team can recharge and get away from the “work-load”. In the best of all worlds, it is a neutral, calm and CLEAN space.

Concept #1

The modern bistro

The goal here is to create a lunch area where the staff can eat alone or with others and have a quiet moment. (Don’t forget to leave the microwave out of it) This concept could make it easier to get back to the computer since it gives the impression of going out to lunch. With the help of small benches, some cushions and comfortable chairs, you could create a great atmosphere. Remember, the purpose of this space is as much for those who want to dine as a team as it is for those who need a quiet dinner with their headphones on! By the way, you can even take the opportunity to “paint” the bistro area with your corporate colors.

Concept #2

The lounge

Whether it’s to go read a few pages, work on a presentation, stalk on LinkedIn or enjoy a cup of coffee, this space must be multifunctional. In other words, we want to avoid the “lounge = break”. The lounge will become your best friend to fight afternoon tiredness! Don’t be afraid to ask your team members what they need to maximize the efficiency of the space! Some prefer to work standing up and others with their legs stretched out on a big cushion; the important thing is to get over that famous 2:30 pm “down”. Last little trick on the lounge: don’t hesitate to wallpaper the walls from A to Z to be in a whole other world! Go take a little break near the sea, it’s pretty cool!

The beauty of it, is that ABP can be the spark for your project. Both for sale and for rent. In fact, we offer long and short term rentals so if you want to have 3 different concepts per year, it’s possible! You want to have 1 concept per year, it’s possible too. You want to have something custom made with cushions, stools, chairs and others with your company colors? It’s also possible through our workshops and our sales department! Finally, don’t hesitate to personalize your spaces to your team’s tastes. For example, here, we love wine… So there is a wine cooler!


Antoine and Lisette

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