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I’ts a wrap !

We must accept the end of something in order to begin to build something new.

2022 is already at our doors! WAIT, WHAT ?!? Is it only us who didn’t see the time passing this year? After a period of roller coaster ride we agree that the Ronde can go and get dressed! Quietly we started to think about this new year, the projects it has in store for us, the partnerships, the challenges (because it is not always rosy) and the new people we will have the chance to meet. In all these thoughts, even though we can’t control them all, we found a sense of comfort and we had to, because we are passionate about the event industry and we are not about to bow out!

This year has started with a lot of uncertainty. Will we be able to get together? Will we be able to do the same deals that make us tick? Will we be able to keep all our employees? And well, the questions go on and on and on as you can imagine! So we decided to adapt once again to this situation that we were eager to leave behind. The word “adapt” has never been so important in ABP. Not only in the event sense, but also in the service we offer you and the way we see and do things internally. It has to be said that the beginning of the year 2021 has brought a lot of reflection.

One of the things we are most proud of this year is our “going green”. We are extremely grateful to have had the opportunity to be surrounded by people who are leading us “GREEN” in this direction. ABP, CREATOR OF UNI-VERT SUSTAINABILITY. Getting our ECOCERT certification was a great accomplishment. Finding a use for our wood shavings and continuing to produce more “LOCAL” products are also components of achieving our eco-friendly goals, further encouraging the local economy and ensuring that we become more and more responsible from an event standpoint.

A first good news for restaurant owners in May 2021! The return of terraces and good weather, YAAAYYY! We must say that this announcement has been good for morale ”BIG TIME”. We had the pleasure of working with several restaurateurs to furnish their terraces and this gave us a nice BOOST of energy to continue the year in style. And don’t forget all the beautiful weddings that our wedding planners have given us! You ROCK! Sometimes we don’t bother to see all that is behind those beautiful photos on the “GRAM” but the work of the planners to create those moments is always a challenge and even more so with the health measures in place now. It should be noted in bold, capital letters and italics that this summer “class parties” also took on a whole new meaning. It was no longer just Uncle Rejean flipping burgers! In hindsight, we realize that our industry has adapted and never let itself down, to a level that no one expected!

Before you go back to conquer your day, one of the highlights of this year was having the opportunity to work with Tennis Canada for the National Bank Open presented by Rogers and C2 Montreal. Events that dared to challenge the impossible to entertain Quebecers! Hard to believe even in May 2021! Smaller, more adaptation, more logistics and headaches but WOW, what a great and vibrant challenge! Thank you for trusting us! Simply BRAVO!

I must say that human beings have incredible capacities to adapt! These last 20 months have not been easy, but what a great capacity of adaptation and resilience that our team has shown! Thank you to each of you, dear collaborators and partners, for staying on board during this storm and for believing in ABP! We are stronger than ever… Hey, event market… we’re back!
Stéphane Morin, visionary leader!

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