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The trade-show may seem far away, but what’s the better way to prepare for the return of the shows? Talk about it! Prepare in the sense that we’d like to give you some tips for a “super-duper” and out of the ordinary booth. (Like maybe leaving out the plexi console with the two not-so-comfortable stools?) We’re pretty sure you miss the expo and we confirm that we miss the expo so, why not talk about it! We’d like to take some of your reading time to explain our vision of a beautiful exhibitor booth that will be ready to rock in 2022.

Tip #1: Roll DOWN!

If you’re an exhibitor or a show-goer, you’ve already seen what we like to call a roll-up. Let’s face it, there are some nasty, beautiful roll-ups with super “punched” visuals that more than belong in the exhibit but there are others ……………….. that could be replaced by beautiful furniture. When we talk about beautiful furniture, we are talking about 2 options. The first option is to choose design furniture that matches your corporate colors. For example, you arrive in a space with a rustic console, stools, a full confo lounge and a jovial atmosphere; you will automatically want to sit down and learn more about this company that offers you a relaxing space! The second option is to go for the exhibitor basics by going with the big Plexi family. (Bars, consoles, cocktail tables, coffee tables, etc.) Don’t forget the “spark” by adding electrostatic prints on your plexis or by “switching” the tops of the tables in wood finish or other colors that tempt you!

Tip #2: Texture it.

Of course, we will immediately think of putting our branding colors in the kiosk to be sure that visitors will remember you and spot you from afar. However, what happens if the visitor does not feel comfortable in your space? He will want to run away, or walk fast. Now, the solution: Take the time to choose the right textures. That is, a leatherette couch and polyester cushions will be much less welcoming and warm than if it’s a beautiful cashmere loveseat with linen cushions! This will be a great way to get a nice vibe and have more time to chat with your future client.

Pssstttt! For a maximum of “like”, the creation of a photobooth will be your “partner in crime” to attract the whole world to your booth!

To conclude all this, we can’t miss the social distancing and sanitary measures. For this reason, we have some tips that you can use to make your kiosk as “ABPCare” as possible.

First of all, don’t hesitate to use technology to present your product and/or company using a television screen! It’s a great way to keep people 2 meters away from you while still being able to explain what you have to say! Secondly, there are so many possibilities with the dividers… You can put your logos, stickers, texts, name it. It just becomes another tool to show how “hot” you are! Finally, don’t hesitate to ask our ”expo pros” how to make your space original, but super ”safe”!

Just a reminder here, we’d like to share with you how ABP can help you with your exhibit projects! Here is a list of services we offer for organizers and exhibitors:

For exhibitors:

  • 3D design of the stand
  • Custom fabrication
  • Stand customization
  • Sale and rental

For promoters:

  • a well adapted seating plan
  • reception and registration facilities
  • carpeting in the aisles if the room is not carpeted
  • facilities to showcase partners
  • decoration including plants or other items

Lisette and Antoine

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