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Using events experience for team-building activities

Tough times don’t last, tough teams DO.

Can you believe it? A bit like you, our team also ”tested” it (bang the twist ? ) when we think team building or team chemistry, we immediately have in mind that it’s going to be ”cloud shaking”. Like: having to laugh at the big boss’s uncomfortable jokes, having to answer questionnaires that will end up in the bottom of a binder at HR, or having to taste your colleague’s cousin’s boyfriend’s house wine. In short, you just end up discouraged!

We’ve found a solution to this challenge!

A word that describes our solution: EVENT INDUSTRY. Clearly, in the current context, you must have rolled your eyes… ”An event during a pandemic, well, well, well”. In fact, it is still possible, even if you respect all the sanitary measures! Here are the two coolest team-building activities and how you can make them 100% less awkward.

Our first idea: Bring in a picture of yourself when you were 5 years old and younger, collect the pictures and it’s time to play guessing games! How do you make it cool now? It’s all about the mood! Have everyone go hide their picture in the office until everyone has found a picture! Once the scavenger hunt is over, gather together (2 meters away) and find out who the photo belongs to. But how can ABP help you in this quest? Furnish a room in your office to create a corporate, yet festive, atmosphere. Furniture, carpet, decor, etc. We take care of it!

Our second idea: A picnic at the nearest park! Not just a picnic like sitting on the ground, not comfortable, an old towel that just wants to go with the wind and plastic glasses that want to go with the towel… We’re talking about a high-end picnic! What does a “high-end” picnic look like? Look at that! Take this opportunity to play one of our favorite games: desert island. You all have to find an object that would be useful on a desert island. The game lasts the whole dinner and as a bonus, the one who found the LEAST useful object will have to go get a bottle of wine to finish the meal!

In any case, the key words for a successful team-building are event-based and informal! Create an experience rather than a long and boring meeting! Need a hand to set it all up? We are right here!

Lisette and Antoine

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