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What is custom made !?

Stop selling, start helping

You probably see the words “custom made” everywhere in our blogs, posts, emails and on our website without really knowing what we mean by that. Today we’re finally going to explain to you “what’s up with that”. We’ll explain the process of the “pattente”, examples of projects we’ve done and especially present solutions to your problems… Your problems with tables, chairs, furniture, kiosks, decorations and stuff like that.

”When do I need custom made in my life ?”

If you need our custom department, it’s because you need something that is not standard or available on the market! For example, a table that is 3′ and ¼” long by 38″ wide is 0 standard, but guess what ? It can be made “eaaassyy”. However, we don’t recommend having chairs made with only 3 legs… It’s not approved by Michel…Michel, he’s the king of wood at ABP! Customization applies to both sales and rentals and we can make as much as one table as we can 100 tables. Get in advance for the 100 tables tho…  

Also, on a more “decor insane Pinterest” side, we can make all sorts of great elements for a unique decor. All you have to do is screenshot your screen, send it to us, we make a 3D drawing, you say ”go it’s sick” and the machine is gone! We’ll show you some examples below.

”What you mean by produced ?”

When we say we make, it’s because we make it ourselves. With wood, machines and nails like that. To make a long story short, in our warehouse in Pointe-aux-Trembles, we have a big wood workshop with round saws, wood, glue, cool humans and other “bebelles” to build things! That’s not all, because we also have a paint shop with Picasso and his “gun” that shoots your idea in THE color you want! Behind all this wood and paint is a wizard! This Super-Gary has been working as the head tailor and upholsterer at ABP for 13 years and he takes care of the comfort of your butt with his various upholstery techniques! At the core of this manufacturing is a creative team that makes your inspiration come true. Get in the machine and send us your inspirations!

”How do I start the machine ?”

It’s really easy! Basically, you send us an email to with all the specs of your project. This is what we mean by “specs”:

  • Screenshots of the inspiration.
  • Materials required  
  • Color codes
  • Dimensions
  • Project date
  • Budget
  • Quantity 
  • Any other crazy details you think are important!  

After that, there will be a custom specialist who will contact you to ask you questions, present you with a sketch, a price and confirm the realization of your project.  

To end this on a high note, here are some examples that ABP has built! Please tell us that we have clarified the customization at ABP?

The examples!

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